Carson Adler: Competitive Edge

Successful basketball players need preparation and skill to distinguish themselves on the basketball court. They also need confidence. Confidence to step up and make big plays when needed. Junior Carson Adler has demonstrated his preparation, skill, and confidence this season, making big plays for the Raiders multiple times this year.

The Walton Basketball program started preparing Carson when he was in sixth grade and began reaping the benefit of that preparation in his sophomore year when he began logging minutes for the varsity team. His favorite basketball memory is that first varsity game against Osborne. Adler says he enjoys the dynamic between players during the games, hitting big shots, diving on loose balls, trash talk, and ultimately, coming out a winner. The Raiders have looked to Adler multiple times this season when they were down and were in need of a basket. Against Lassiter, the Raiders trailed by 10 against an extremely hostile Trojan crowd. Adler then scored 8 points in a row and was not fazed by the crowd at all. Against Cherokee, the region leader this season, Carson made two big fourth quarter shots as well as a few free throws to keep the game close and competitive. Carson explains that over the summer it was important to him to grow as a player because “sophomore year was about learning and just getting the varsity experience. Now, as a junior, I feel like I have to step up and help the underclassmen by showing what hard work can do for you.” One of his goals this summer was to improve his shot because “defenses in high school play very physical and tight. It’s important to have a good shot so that when you get any separation you can step into it and know that it’s going in.” The Raiders currently have nine juniors on the team, and Adler loves their chemistry on the floor: “A lot of us grew up playing basketball together, so it comes natural to us when we are out there. Then we have the other grades working and when we get on the floor it just feels natural and fun.”

When he is not working on or playing basketball, Carson enjoys hanging out with friends and playing video games. He stresses the importance of not only being an athlete but putting in work in the classroom to younger kids: “Today that can get taken for granted but, at Walton, we get a great opportunity for school and we need to capitalize on that.” Adler says that his role model in life is his Dad, because, “I wouldn’t be in basketball without my dad. He is really passionate about the game and helped me get into it from a really young age. More important than that though, he shows me how to be a good person and how to do things in the everyday world.”

Preparation. Skill. Confidence. See it in action with Carson Adler on the floor for your Walton Raiders.