Meet David Sickles…

These days, distractions are everywhere. A competitive fire, passion, and determination are required to overcome the excuses and succeed. Walton’s David Sickles has all of these traits and is here not only to be a success but also to be himself.
David has been in the Walton basketball program since 6th grade and has played on the varsity team since his sophomore season. He recalls a game from his sophomore year when he hit four three pointers in 90 seconds to force overtime at Etowah, and Walton went on to win the game. What sets David apart is his obvious drive to win. He gives whatever it takes to bring home a victory for the Raiders. David says basketball has taught him that, if you really put your mind to it, your hard work will pay off.
David says that his role model is his grandfather, who he looks to in all aspects of life. His advice to younger students at Walton is to stay on top of your schoolwork before you worry about anything else. Take it from a two-sport athlete at Walton; David makes plays on the baseball diamond as well as the basketball court.
This season, David has made this basketball team not only fun to watch but also competitive and strong. The future shines bright for junior David Sickles.